Ian Brandt

Hello, World!

My name is Ian Brandt. I’m currently founding a nonprofit STEM academy to teach technology engineering to middle and high school students.

When I have time I contribute to several open-source software projects, and study machine learning, artificial intelligence, database engineering, programming language design and implementation, computer engineering, electronics, and robotics.

I’m also passionately interested in self-driving cars, quantum and other alternate platforms for computation, asteroid mining, electric space propulsion, next-gen nuclear fission energy, nuclear fusion research, and paleo nutrition.


My fascination with technology started when I was young. Ever curious, I wanted to learn how to make the early-generation video games my childhood friends and I would play. I purchased my first computer with a year’s worth of paper route savings, and began teaching myself how to program in BASIC and C from magazines and books. My efforts sped up greatly upon gaining access to the internet in the mid-90’s, and grew into a career in the lead-up to the Y2K problem. Amateur and professional experience combined, I’ve now been programming computers for nearly 30 years.

Other Interests

Away from the keyboard I keep busy with an overly-long list of hobbies. I love hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and beach volleyball. I enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks, particularly on the topics of cosmology, evolution, neuroscience, nutrition, leadership, personal productivity and improvement, start-ups, and business. I may have also read or listened to nearly all the Star Wars books. I play upright and electric bass, I’m slowly learning the piano, and I like experimenting with hardware and software synthesizers. Otherwise I’m often tinkering with cars, motorcycles, and radio control helicopters. I love movies, and follow Formula 1, MotoGP, NFL football, and America’s Cup sailing. Some dormant hobbies I hope to one day revive include sailboat racing, playing the cello, and flying.